What is E-learning?

What is E-learning?

We all have heard the word “ E-learning”, this word is getting more popular day by day specially after the covid pandemic, but do we know its meaning . some people may know what is e-learning some may not, so let’s just know more about it.

E-learning is basically means a learning system with the help of electronic resources, teaching can be done in the classroom or out of the classroom.

Computers, mobile phones, laptops, and most important internet are the main sources through which e-learning or online learning can be done.

What are the advantages of e-learning?

As the concept of e-learning is getting popular, it clearly proves us that there must be some benefits why people are choosing e-learning.

  • You can study or learn from any part of the world

As the concept of e-learning totally depends on electric resources which help us to study from any part of the world all what we need is good internet and an electronic appliance, it could be a laptop, computer or mobile phone.

Also if you have any function at your home or there is any event or party then you can take your class or study and can also show your presence at that event or party.

  • It saves your money

E-learning is more cheaper as compare to other types of learning and not just it reduce your cost of study but also it saves the amount you pay for your travelling from your to your college, school or wherever you go to study.

  • It saves your time

As now you are not travelling from your home to your institutions , so the time which you used to waste on your way to reach there now you can utilize that time in learning something new or to clear more study concepts .

  • Many courses are available

In e-learning you can find wide number of courses available. It has courses of every field whether it is related to art and designing, coding, or of any other field you will find it on e-learning.

  • No eligibility regarding age

Anyone of any age can do e-learning; there is age restriction for that

  • Learn courses from all over the world

Yes you read it right you can study courses which are provided online from all over the world without any headache of visa or anything.

What are the disadvantages of e-learning?

As we know everything has its own pros and cons just like that even e-learning has its own advantages and disadvantages. We have already discussed about the advantages, now let’s discuss about its disadvantages.

  • It lacks social interaction

As e-learning is done fully online because of it there’s no social interaction among students which lacks social interaction and we all know how much it is important to interact with others, but with e-learning it’s not possible .

  • The focus is moreover on theory

As you will learn through watching videos, listening to podcasts or by ppt slides and there are no practical or experimental studies. Experimental studies are very important to clear the concepts but that’s not possible in e-learning.


E-learning is a very new concept in the education field, it has its pros and cons now you have to choose whether its suitable for you or not, because not everyone is comfortable with this concept.

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