Learning french a good decision or Benefits of French

So our question is whether learning french as a foreign language is a good choice or not.

So the answer is yes, french has a lot of scope, it is one of the most spoken languages in the world, almost more than 29 countries are french speaking countries.

Now the questions which arise are:- why do people learn French? , what’s the scope of french?, Can we move abroad by learning french?, How to learn French? and the most important question is which are the best institutions to learn French?

Now let’s just start answering these questions..

Why do people learn French?

As I already said french is one of the most spoken languages and it has a lot of scopes specially nowadays. There are many reasons why people learn French such as they might have an interest in learning french, they have to do a job where french is mandatory, they want to work in an embassy, they want to move to a french speaking country etc.

We can also never neglect the fact that learning a foreign language is beneficial in many ways.

What’s the scope of french?

French has a really good scope in whichever field you want to go whether it’s the teaching field, traveling field, government job or work in MNCs. Nowadays even government schools have french as a subject which leads to government french teacher vacancies, most of the MNCs give you a high salary and prioritize you above other candidates just because you learn French, traveling industry also has a really good scope you can be a translator also, even some people also want to work in aviation industry french help you there also. You can also do remote jobs as a translator, and transcriber and earn money just by sitting at your home.

Can we move abroad by learning french?

Yes, french also helps you to move abroad as it is already mentioned there are more than 29 countries where french is spoken and it makes it easier to move to these countries. The most popular countries which people choose to move to after learning french are Canada, France or some any other European country. French is not the only thing which leads you to move abroad but yeah it helps a lot not just in the visa process but also in getting residency in those countries, like for example people have to clear IELTS to move to Canada but if they can’t clear IELTS than instead of that they can also give TEF exam which not just helps them to complete the qualification but also it will increase their CRS score for permanent residency.

How to learn French

Now the main question arises which is how to learn French. So we all know that learning a foreign language is not an easy task but if you see it from my perspective than I don’t think there’s any other language as easy as french is you just need a little bit of concentration and interest to learn French that’s it , now people choose many ways to learn French and the most common is online, yes you can learn French online just by watching some videos or through some apps which teach french for free for example Duolingo, it is an app which teaches you languages for free.

But just learning french online is not a really good choice because you really need to have some certification, degree, or diploma as proof that you know french for that you need to learn it from an institution that provides any kind of diploma, certificate or a degree so now let just come to another and our last question.

Which are the best institutions to learn French?

You can learn French from anywhere but what matters is the quality of education some institutions might teach you french at a very low cost but the question is that do they give you the right knowledge for example you can buy snacks from a street vendor and also from a big restaurant but what’s the difference, the difference is in the quality so same goes with the institutions invest your money where it is worthy to invest, so the best institution in my perspective is alliance françàis it is all over the world like in Delhi its full name is alliance françàis de Delhi like this it is in many cities of India and in other countries also. Why it is the best institution to learn French?

It is because the diploma which they provide is acceptable all over the world, these institutions are run by french embassies and they have french teachers from France also, and the rule of them which I really like is that they don’t you any other language to teach french, they’ll teach you french by using french words only there will not be a single English word or any other language word even if you don’t know french they’ll try to teach you by hand gestures but not gonna use any other language. The whole faculty is really good there, they all are very polite and helpful people. Students of alliance francàis can also use its Library which is full of amazing french books.

So yeah in the conclusion we got to know that french is a really good language to learn how it can help us in our life, where and how to learn it .

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