what to do after 12th


Many students have already decided before passing out from the school what they want to do next but there are some students who are still struggling to decide what they should do for a good career, where their future is secure, and where they can also get a good salary.

Now in which field you want to go totally depends on your interests and the stream you have taken in your eleventh standard, some of you are interested to become a doctor, scientist, engineer, etc., and took the science stream, while some of you want to become an accountant, financial consultant, financial advisor, etc. and took commerce stream but while some want to become teacher, geologist, historians, etc. But there are some students who haven’t decided yet in what field they want to go they just chose their stream by their parent’s or their friend’s influence and they are struggling to decide on their job.

For those students, there are still many options but the best one is a government job, they can give UPSC or SSC exam, and just after cracking this exam, their future will be secure with a high-range of salary. Now we all know the exam level is really tough for UPSC while SSC is slightly easy in comparison to UPSC. The best and easiest way to secure a government job is by learning shorthand or stenography.

There are many vacancies of stenographers released by SSC and courts whether it’s a high court or Supreme Court stenographers are needed in them. The competition is less in them, the acceptance rate is high and lots of opportunities are available.  The most important and good thing is that you don’t have to pay much amount to learn shorthand, you can learn it without having a hole in your pocket it is an affordable course to learn with many benefits.

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